Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

As diehard students of entrepreneurship, creativeness, inventiveness and innovations, as well as a staunch believer of harmonious relations and peaceful co-existence, we have invented Peace Lights (Lights of Peace) that we hope would universally be embraced to be the symbols of bright shining lights in the midst of a dimer world, a world infested with hate, violent crimes, abuse, cruelty to animals and activities harmful to the environment.

Since promoting universal peace is the foundation of these lights, sales are only made through our affiliating Peace Partners. All ‘Lights of Peace’ transactions require affiliate ID numbers, therefore organizations that want to earn revenue and promote peace, must register as Affiliate Peace Partners and get their individualized affiliation identification numbers. These ID numbers can be given to their members, families, friends and others who want to support them financially.



  • Generating revenue from purchases made Affiliate ID
  • Affiliates can be Lights of Peace Retailers.
  • Being a member of Universal Peace Promoters.
  • Profiting from Peace Promotion.
  • Website listing
  • Making peace constantly visible in eyes and hearts.



  • Must believe in harmonious relations and peaceful coexistence.
  • Must not be hateful or hate promoting organization.
  • Must not be arm producing sales organization.
  • Must not promote violent/self-destructive activities.
  • 3 Year Membership.
  • Affiliation Registration Fee.



  • Investing in socially responsible enterprise.
  • Earning returns from peace promotion.



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