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Meet-N-Market is launching a Gentrification and Rent Priced-out Protection Series, starting on Friday, March 21, 2014. Members who complete the series will be armed with tools to create, maintain and be able to transfer wealth without college or university degrees.

The swift morphing of some neighborhoods in the city especially in the last fifteen years, where gentrification and moon-bound rent hikes have forced multigenerational residents and businesses out of their beloved communities is an urgent call for solution.



The positive side of gentrification however is that it associates with stronger economic activity, increased property values, public health, public safety, better schools, and family friendlier neighborhoods.  With that in mind, Meet-N-Market prefers then to empower current residents and entrepreneurs over keeping the status quo of communal stagnation or fighting win-less battles trying to stop these inevitable neighborhood changes.



The fact is that in all gentrification cases, the difference between the newcomers and the priced-out residents is income, and what determines income is having access to knowledge or not.  With this innovative Meet-N-Market gentrification and rent priced-out protection series, it is benefiting all the residents and entrepreneurs, old and new.


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