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By Feb 16, 2014

Immediate Release


Adopt-A-Friend Inc., of the Bronx launches a new program: Community Peace Patrol Officers with a recruiting meeting on Tuesday March 26th, from 6-8 PM in the Parkchester area, at the Al Iman Community Center, 2006 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462.

Adopt-A-Friend is a Parkchester area community organization dedicated to preserving humanity one friend at a time. And they are put their hearts into it with this new Community Peace Patrol Officers program. The President Sheikh Moussa Drammeh is also the originator of the well-known Peace December project, which is a symbolic celebration of peace and tolerance guided by the idea that December is Jesus-month, and Jesus after all is the Prince of Peace. This new program is the practical end of that commitment.

What is the purpose?

The Community Peace Patrol Officers (CPPO) program is a very effective Crime Prevention tool for all communities. The presence of CPPOs acts as a deterrent to crime.  In fact, the majority of volunteer community patrols has drastically reduced crime in their neighborhoods and eliminated the suspicious activity associated with crime, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life in the community.

The program addresses many issues, through a very participatory approach to maintaining a peaceful community.  Someone might feel like people don’t care, are cruel and indifferent to his/her plight. Sometimes the worst and repeated violence take place to the neighbor next doors without our knowledge. Sometimes relationships that look good may be healthy on the outside but deceitful on the inside. Sometimes the worst abuses take place in some of the unlikeliest places from the unlikeliest people. Sometimes one feels abandoned, trapped, hopeless and sees no way out a situation, relations or condition. But in all times, there are help within reach if one only knew.

Who are the clients?

Prospective users of the service could be experiencing any of the following situations:

1.         Being in an abusive relationship.

2.         Being in a bullying environment.

3.         Being recruited by gangsters or want to leave your gang safely.

4.         Being sexually abused by family or friends.

5.         Being pressured by classmates to commit crimes.

6.         Being forced into sexual relations by adults and pimps.

7.         Being recruited into drug business for fast money.

8.         Hiding a pregnancy from family, friends or teachers and need help.

9.         Have committed a crime and need to consult with an adviser.

10.       Want to report illegal guns or other weapons in your community.

11.       Want to report criminal activities in your neighborhood.

12.       Want to find a better way to live and succeed.

13.       You dropped out of school and want to go back to school.

14.       Looking for a job, a school or internship.

15.       Looking for mentor or positive role models.

16.       Disabled, old, alone or sick and need help with some chores.

17.       Just came out of Jail/prison and want to reestablish your life.

18.       Looking for scholarships or free schools.

19.       Wants to be a Police Officer, FBI agent, law enforcement agent, etc.

20.       Are fed up with the violence in your neighborhood and want to do something about it.

21.       Want to discuss any other confidential issues with someone you can trust.

The list goes on and on, the whole point of this program that it is for the community and by the community and organized with support of the NY Police Department, who also provide the training. The program is designed with the help of the NYPD so it can be a first step for a career in law enforcement.

Most importantly, a community program like this involves everyone in the community in creating a constructive relationship with law enforcement and enhancing the local community by doing so.

The recruiting evening serves for interested people in the community to find out more about the program, and find out if they can qualify to participate.


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