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By Godfrey Olukya 7-1-2014

The government of Germany has provided 495,000 euros to supply
humanitarian aid to people in South Sudan driven from their homes by
the current fighting in the country.

German’s foreign minister Steinmeier said,’ Given the delaying
tactics right now in Addis Ababa peace talks , it looks as if neither
side is really interested in a quick political solution to the
conflict. This means both Africa and the international community will
have to increase the pressure. At the very least, both sides must
guarantee unhindered humanitarian access to the areas under their

In view of the critical security situation, aid workers trying to
organise and deliver relief on the ground face a difficult and
dangerous task. The international humanitarian relief effort can be
stepped up as soon as there is safe and reliable access to the
refugees. Recent weeks have seen a big rise in the number of
internally displaced persons’



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