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By Godfrey Olukya  20-12-2013


The AU Mission is in Juba trying to stop the fighting in which over 500 people are feared to have been killed.

The mission is comprised of the Chairperson, who is the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and also the current Chair of AU, Okello Henry Oryem, Minister of State for International Affairs; Ministers of Foreign Affairs for Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan; and the AU Commissioner for Peace and Security.

The main purpose of the mission is to get the government and all other parties to immediately engage in dialogue as the only viable and sustainable solution to the crisis.

The mission is urging all the parties in the current crisis in South Sudan, without exception, to mobilize South Sudanese for calm, tolerance, patience, national unity and forgiveness, and to refrain from any statements or utterances that may aggravate the situation.

They further urge for immediate commencement of the dialogue by all parties.

In the mean time the Government of Uganda has taken the necessary arrangements to air-lift the seven (7) identified Ugandans injured in the South Sudan conflict using the UPDF helicopters, including those who have voluntarily decided to come back to Uganda.




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