Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

In the words of the founder

My knowledge of the importance of a peaceful co-existence predates 9/11, but my unwavering commitment to it stems from it.
As horrendous as World wars and all other evil atrocities ever committed in the world have been, I had only read about them.

The morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 on the other hand, was and shall forever be an evil act that found a permanent dwelling in my heart and soul and as a result of it, created a new fearless-soldier in me dedicated to marching in a less-crowded theater of a global peace-promoting zone.

During the first three months following the attacks of 9/11, there was not a thing in my life and associations that I did not question. At the very forefront in question was my religion. I had to reaffirm my religious identity, its books and the God whom I was taught responsible for all.

After coming out of my post-9/11 soul searching, truth-ascertaining, belief-authenticating, loyalty realigning, the re-adjusting of my reading and the seeking of purpose of my very being, I had completely and clearly found the answer to all these questions. In conclusion I realized that it is incumbent upon me to spend every frame of a second of my natural life promoting a peaceful co-existence among all creatures.

This commitment led to the formation of Adopt-A-Friend, Peace December, Peace Lights and all other present and future peace-endeavors that I have established and would be involved in.

My vision is to have Peace Lights in every home. I foresee every office in every company, every classroom in every school, every house of worship, every government agency office, in every NGO office, every building in a neighborhood, and on every Street in every community, having peace lights. For this is the level of urgency needed to bring about the peace desired. This, in my opinion, would leave a permanent peace-loving mark in the world.

Peace Lights are tools to support us in our pursuit of peaceful co-existence, and it is a constant reminder of our collective obligation to protect lives, fortunes and the honor of all.

So, let Peace Lights shine everywhere in our universe, forever.

Sheikh Moussa Drammeh



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