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By Godfrey Olukya   5-8-2013

UN and Germany are not satisfied with the manner in which Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe claims to have won the recently held elections.

Both Germany and  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon have called  for a comprehensive investigation into all alleged manipulations

German’s Federal Foreign Office spokesperson issued the statement  on the conduct and outcome of the presidential elections in Zimbabwe.
”Foreign Minister Westerwelle is very critical of the lack of transparency and alleged irregularities in Zimbabwe’s presidential elections. This will cast a long shadow over Zimbabwe’s political and economic future.” the statement said.
Yesterday Robert Mugabe was declared the winner of the presidential elections in Zimbabwe. His defeated contender Morgan Tsvangirai stated that he wanted to challenge the results.

The elections were overshadowed by serious allegations of manipulation. The EU and the United States also levelled heavy criticism on how the elections were conducted.

Mugabe reportedly won with over 60 per cent. His supporters are celebrating his win.


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