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By Godfrey Olukya  5-7-2013

Germany is concerned about the military takeover of government in Egypt saying that if power is not handed over to civilians in near future, all democratization achievements so far attained might be erased.

Germany’s foreign minister Guido Westerwelle issued a statement last evening  commenting on events in Egypt.

In the statement he said, ”This is a severe setback for democracy in Egypt. It is a matter of urgency that Egypt restore constitutional order as quickly as possible.The suspension of constitutional order and the ousting of the President by the Egyptian armed forces are grave matters.”

He said that what took place in Egypt would in the long run have effect in the whole region. He said, ”I am profoundly concerned.  Such a disruption of the democratic order is not a long-term solution to the huge problems Egypt is
facing. There is a serious danger that the democratic transition process in Egypt will be badly damaged. This would have far-reaching consequences not only within the country but for the entire region. I call upon all those in positions of responsibility in Egypt to act with circumspection, to come together and look for ways to end this serious crisis of state. A solution can only be reached through dialogue and political compromise. No section of society may be excluded. Violence must never be accepted as a tool of political discourse, nor must politically motivated persecution or  arbitrary arrests.”

He emphasized that the  achievements of the Egyptian revolution, particularly freedom of the press and freedom of assembly must not be tampered with. He added on that Germany remains willing to support the development of a new democratic order in Egypt.



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