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By Godfrey Olukya 3-7-2013

The author of the anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda’s parliament, David Bahati has vowed that the bill will be discussed and passed in the near future.

Bahati is the ruling party, NRM, deputy chief whip. He said that his anti-homosexuality bill which he drafted in 2009 has not died as some sections of the pubic have been thinking.

The bill was supposed to be discussed by last parliament which expired in 2011. The new parliament could not discuss it without it coming back through all the required processes as required by constitution.

Bahati said, ‘The bill was referred to the legal affairs committee of parliament for scrutiny. The committee finished it’s report and we are
waiting for the bill to be included on the order paper for debate.’

He said that he still has much interest in the bill and hopes that the speaker of parliament will soon find space on the order paper so
that the report by the committee can be tabled and the bill considered by parliament.

Bahati said that the bill aims at strengthening the family and the institution of marriage so that same sex marriages are prohibited.

But homosexuals in Uganda have attacked Bahati for persecuting them, One of them, Dennis
Mukakala said, ‘We wonder why that MP is on our neck. Homosexuality in Uganda does not harm the public like corruption and misappropriation of public funds. Instead of wasting his efforts on us, he should fight corruption.’

But anti homosexual advocate,John Mukasagala said he was happy over Bahati efforts to make the bill debated and passed. ‘We need a tough law that will make those practicing homosexuality fear to expose themselves and even not to recruit youths into the activity.’

But another anti- homosexuality campaigner, Solomon Male said that there are already sufficient laws that can deal with homosexuals. He said, ‘There is simply no good will to fight the vice but the laws in place are enough to deal with the vice.’

He said that the police and judiciary are corrupt. He accused them of always getting bribes from suspected homosexuals and setting them free without charges.



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