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By Godfrey Olukya   28-6-2013

US President Barack Obama has today flown from Senegal to South Africa,  where the mood is sombre due to the country’s idle, Nelson Mandela being very sick and the country’s population sympathizing with him.

95 yrs old Mandela is reportedly on on a life support machine in a hospital located in Pretoria city. The citizens are praying in churches and at their homes for his recovery.

While on his visit to South Africa, Obama will pay homage to his hero Nelson Mandela whom he talked about while in Senegal that he is the one who inspired him to join politics.

Obama who spent three days in Dakar, Senegal held talks with Senegal’s leader Macky Sall. They reportedly  talked  about African democracy before he visited  Goree Island, a potent symbol of the slave trade.

While in Senegal, Obama said that the prayers of the American people were with the South African ex-president ‘s family. He referred to Mandela as a world hero.

He said, ‘Apart from being a personal hero, he is a hero for the world, whose legacy is one that will linger on throughout the ages.’


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