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By Godfrey Olukya 26-6-2013

The Director Criminal Investigations department in Uganda Grace Akullo has said that the rate of drug use and trafficking them in and outside the country is quite alarming that needs police to intensify its pro-activeness towards handling drug related cases.

Akullo said, ‘The use of drugs has become rampant and is being used by all groups of people not leaving out the young, school children, and old people.’

Government newspaper,’The New Vision recently wrote a story saying that at least 8 members of parliament use drugs. They were revealed by a girl who was supplying it to them.

She added on that the police has now embarked on sensitizing the public about this
starting with schools.

She made the statement recently as police was receiving a donation of four Almera Nissan vehicles and photographic equipments from the Republic of German that are to help them in their work especially on reaching the crime scene on time to pick specimens they would use in their investigations.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Inspector General of Police, the Assistant
inspector general of police in charge of General Duties Andrew Sorowen said the equipment is to be used in sensitizing the public on the law.

The four vehicles are to benefit the Forensic Laboratory dept and Homicide department where murders are rampant, special investigation unit that handles crimes related to human trafficking and cyber crime and the last one is to help the Narcotic dept.



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