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By Godfrey Olukya 29-5-2013

More than 75,000 hungry people who have been at risk of starvation in South Sudan have started getting food from humanitarian agencies.

The distribution of food is taking place in Panyijar County, Unity State.

According to the state’s relief and rehabilitation director, William Kuol Geng the relief aid included food and medical items. The shortage of food had led to some deaths.

He said that that support for tens of thousands of people was mobilized last week and that mobilization for more food was continuing.

Kuol Geng said, ‘Over 1,200 households with over 75,000 individuals have been assisted. We have distributed a good quantity of food to the people.’ individuals.’

He said that they will ensure that all those threatened with hunger get food supplies. He said,’We have sent enough food and health equipment. We are assisting all of them.’

Before humanitarian agencies started supplying food, 20 people had reportedly died of hunger in Panyijar County in the last month.

‘I am happy over the supply of food by humanitarian agencies.’ said one of the beneficiaries, Safi Awiro. ‘We had run short of food several weeks ago and the situation had gone out of our hands.’



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