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By Godfrey Olukya    17-5-2013
Shahadah (Affirming there is none worthy of worship besides Allah) is very important in the Islam faith and all believers have been urged to regard it seriously.

Quoting today’s article in Muslims’ page of Uganda’s  government newspaper, ‘New Vision’ on the  importance of Shahadah, Imam Sula Kagoda of Bumana mosque Iganga district in eastern Uganda while addressing Muslims during Juma  prayers said it is one of the pillars of Islam that is not known by some believers and it is usually never taken seriously.

In the newspaper, Uganda Muslim supreme council  spokesman Sheikh Abdul Nsereko Mutumba said that Shahadah as a pillar is very important and it is supposed to be taken honestly.

‘You must have accepted Islam in order to say it. If you do otherwise, then you are not a Muslim.’ Nsereko Mutumba said.

Kagoda said that the pillar can be done continuously in one’s life. He added on that most Muslims believe  that if a person says the Shahadah before dying, he goes straight to heaven. 

In some Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, the Shahadah is reportedly written on their national flags to remind the public of the importance of accepting and declaring the Islamic faith.Some of them include the Shahadah in their national anthems to show its importance to Islam.


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