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By Godfrey Olukya 16-5-2013

The government of Ireland has donated 2.5 million euros towards Mali humanitarian crisis.

Mali has been experiencing a crisis ever since militias took over several towns in northern part of the country several months ago. With the help of France troops and later ECOWAS troops, the militia were fought out of the territory they had captured but some pockets of terrorists still pose a problem in the country.

Ireland’s minister for trade and development Joe Costello last evening announced further Irish support of 2.5 million euros for Mali humanitarian and recovery effort.

The Minister made the announcement about the donation while attending a major international Donor Conference on Mali in Brussels yesterday.
The Conference, which was jointly hosted by the EU and the French Government, was also attended by representatives of more than 80 countries and international organizations to mobilize international funding for Mali.

Speaking at the conference, Minister Costello said, ‘I am pleased to announce today that Ireland can immediately pledge additional assistance of 2.5 million euros in support of the humanitarian response and recovery effort in Mali over the next two years. Almost 750,000 people in Mali need immediate assistance if we are to avoid a further deepening of this humanitarian crisis.’

He said the funding was meant to support refugees and other civilians affected by the conflict and help communities rebuild their lives in the years ahead. He added on that Ireland is committed to supporting international and domestic efforts to prepare for elections and to monitor human rights, working in close partnership with other donors and civil society.

The funding announced yesterday, is in addition to 1.8m euros already allocated by Ireland for humanitarian assistance in Mali in 2013.

Ireland, as EU Presidency, is proud to have played a role in the international efforts that have brought much needed stability and security for the people of Mali, especially by facilitating discussion and action at EU level.

‘We are proud also to contribute trainers and personnel to the EU training mission which is working to strengthen and reform the Malian army, including by providing important training in human rights. ‘the minister said.



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