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By Godfrey Olukya   6-5-2013

Police in Tanzania is hunting for suspected terrorists who yesterday blasted a bomb in a Roman Catholic church located in the northern town of Arusha over 400 kms from the capital Dar-es-Salem.

According to police, the bomb blasted a few minutes before Mass started. High profile church leaders, including Pope’s representative in Tanzania, Archbishop Francisco Montecillo Padillawere were supposed to attend the mass.

None of the church leaders or government representatives were hurt during the attack.

The church in which the blast occurred was reportedly a new one and the mass was part of the ceremony to officially open it. 

“It is terrible. We never expected thugs to attack a church” said Arusha police officer Charles  Kirenge. “A woman died from the wounds she sustained from the blast and over  over 40 people were seriously wounded by the bomb blast.” he added.

One of the survivors, John Morobo said that the Christians were in high moods because the mass was going to be led by high profile bishop only to be messed up by the bomb blast.

Morobo said, “I was seated near the alter when I heard a deafening noise behind me. Later on I saw many people bleeding. That is when I guessed that there had been a bomb blast.”

Kirenge said that there were reports that  the bomb was thrown into the church from a motorcycle. “The one who threw the bomb into the church escaped but the one riding it was arrested as he attempted to flee. “he said.




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