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By Godfrey Olukya    1-5-2013
Police in Kenya is hunting for thugs who last night attacked a village in western Kenya and killed two people.14 other people including women and children sustained severe injuries and have been rushed to hospital for treatment.

According to police, the attack took place on a village in Busia County near Uganda border, over 300 kms from Nairobi city.

Police said that a gang armed with crude weapons moved from house to house terrorizing residents of  Akabait Village in Teso district. The attack reportedly started at midnight and lasted for several hours.

‘People wailed in pain is the thugs cut them with machetes. ‘said Nelson Masinde who survived by running in the bush behind his house when he heard wails from a neighbor’s house.’

He said that although some people called police, it came after the thugs had left.When police came to the scene, it helped to evacuate the injured to Busia District Hospital where they are undergoing treatment.

Such attacks are becoming common in some parts of Kenya which ahs just gone though peaceful presidential elections. A few days ago  60 people were attacked in Bungoma County about 70 kms from where last night incident took place.




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