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By Godfrey Olukya   1-5-2013
A cross section of South Africans are putting their government on task to explain why it sent troops to Central Africa republic where 13 soldiers were killed and a 14th died from injuries on Monday.
27 other soldiers sustained wounds and were evacuated to South Africa for treatment at military hospital.The South African soldiers were killed and wounded on March 24th this year  when the regime they had gone to defend against Seleka fighters crumbled.

‘We wonder why the government hurriedly sent our brothers to fight in Central African republic. ‘said Johannesburg lawyer Ambrose Nkezi.’They went to defend a regime which could not contain rebels which led to deaths of our soldiers. The government should account for our dead soldiers.’he added. 

South Africa’s army  spokesman Brigadier General Xolani Mabanga yesterday confirmed the death of the 14th soldier. He said that  soldier who died was discharged on April 19 from a Pretoria military hospital. He was due for a check-up on Friday, but collapsed on Monday and was rushed to hospital where he died.

A relative of one of the injured soldiers, Christine Chaka said that it is unfortunate that his relative was taken to fight a useless war and got injured. She blamed the government for rushing to send soldiers to foreign countries without ensuring their security while there.

Chaka said, ‘My relative was injured while in Central African republic. ‘she said. ‘I would mind less if he had got injured while on national duty within our country. But being injured while protecting doubted regimes is what I least I expected. ‘she added.


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