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By Godfrey Olukya      30-4-2013
One of the French soldiers fighting against Islamist rebels in Mali has been killed by a bomb  and two of his colleagues were seriously wounded.
A statement issued by France’s defence ministry indicated that a French special forces soldier  has been killed after the vehicle he was traveling in hit a roadside bomb in the far north of Mali.
The deceased soldier, whose name has not been yet made public by French Defence ministry is said to be  32 years old.However, it said that he was hit between Zaouaten and Boughessa near the border with Algeria.

The two  soldiers who were seriously injured have been rushed to the army  hospital for treatment. There were reportedly no militants at the blast scene.

France started the liberation struggle of northern Mali by sending there over 3000 troops.Fighting alongside Mali troops, the French army dislodged the militants and recaptured all the key towns which had been seized by the rebel militants.

Although France  officially started  withdrawing some of its troops early  this month, it has been agreed that at least 1,000 will remain there up to the end of this year hunting for militant’s remnants.

ECOWAS accepted to send some troops to northern Mali to keep peace. UN  has also accepted to send troops to Mali.

France’s president Francois Hollande has reportedly  sent messages of  condolences to the relatives of the deceased soldier. He has also wished the injured soldiers a quick recovery.



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