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By Godfrey Olukya   29-4-2013

At least Eight  people including a breastfeeding mother  are reported  to have been killed and twelve others wounded in three  separate cattle raids in South Sudan in the past few days.

A security official, Wilson  Geti said that early last week seven people were killed during cattle raid in east county of Warrap State.

‘No cattle were taken in either attack, ‘Gogrial East County commissioner, Akot Lual Akot said explaining that the owners of the cattle put up gallant resistance.

He added on that that calm had returned to the area and called on communities to remain that way.“I am telling my people to remain calm, not to make any revenge, because we are southerners, the same people.”he said.

Akot explained revenge was not necessary because the government will handle the border issues, and the police and army have been deployed there.

In a related development, a 28 year old mother was murdered at her home by suspected raiders, said Uror County Commissioner Simon Hoth Dhuol Bol.

‘The raiders slaughtered her, leaving behind a six month old child, and they stole 40 cows, the commissioner said.’ Bol said.

In February this year around twenty people were killed in a cattle rustling incidents in Gogrial



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