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By Godfrey Olukya 24-4-2013

Several countries and organizations have condemned yesterday’s bomb attack on Libya’s embassy in Libya’s capital Tripoli.

A car bomb reportedly exploded yesterday at the French Embassy in Tripoli. Three people were seriously wounded and a lot of property

The embassy building was partially burnt by the explosion. Analysts say that this is the worst attack on a diplomatic mission in the North
African nation since the killing of USA ambassador last year when suspected terrorists attacked his country’s embassy .

UN Secretary-General has condemned, in the strongest terms, the attack on the French Embassy. He has sent his sympathies to the victims
and their families.

In his message he said, ‘The targeting of diplomatic missions and their staff is not acceptable and never justifiable.’

The Secretary-General said that he is confident that the Libyan authorities will take every action to ensure that the perpetrators of
this attack are brought to justice and that adequate protection for diplomatic premises is provided.

He called on all Libyans to support their Government’s efforts to establish strong and effective security institutions. ‘The United Nations remains committed to assisting the Libyan Government and people with the process of building a democratic state and affirming the rule of law. ‘he said.

Meanwhile UK has urged Libya authorities to ensure those responsible for the attack on French embassy in Libya are brought to justice.

UK’s foreign office spokesperson said in a statement, ‘The UK strongly condemns the attack on the French embassy in Tripoli. Our thoughts
are with all those who have been injured, including our French colleagues, and we have offered the French Embassy any assistance that
we can provide. No British member of staff was involved in the incident and all staff are safe and accounted for.’

He said that they appreciate the Libyan Government’s condemnation of this attack and look to them to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice and that the security of all diplomatic missions is maintained.



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