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By Godfrey Olukya    22-4-2013

‘It is important for the Muslim youths to learn the origin and meanings of Muslim titles because that consolidates their  understanding of the faith.

While addressing youths in Zanzibar, Sheik Abdulkalim Seyyid said that it is important for the Muslim religious leaders to rightfully educate the children  the meanings of  the key Muslim titles so that they in turn use them appropriately.

He said that the title of Mufti refers to an Islamic scholar who has the authority to issue legal opinions known as Fatwas. Seyyid said, ‘Muslim governments  have officially appointed Mufti who works with government. In Non Muslim countries, Mufti leads Muslims in the country.’

Fatwas, he said, are points of Islamic law given by recognized authority. Amir is an Arabic word meaning Prince. It is also a title for a high -ranking official in Muslim countries.

He said that Amir means prince in Arabic and it is used as title for high-ranking and powerful official in the Muslim world.

‘Sheikh, he said, is an Arabic word used to designate elderly male members of a tribe   deserving high respect.  ‘A Sheikh also has the task of guiding  and protecting a group of people, settling disputes, being a religious leader  and helping to administer the law among his people.’ he added.

An Imam is a spiritual leader in a Muslim community who also leads congregations during Juma prayers and a Khalifa in Arabic refers  to rules such as kings, sultans or state leaders.



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