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By Godfrey Olukya   1-4-2013

ECOWAS mission in Guinea Bissau which is known as ECOMIB has received 44,800 US dollars from the government of Japan to be used in supporting its programmes.

This is not the first time Japan to donate to ECOWAS. In the last 12 years  Japan has contributed  5.7 million US dollars to ECOWAS regional projects.

The cheque for the grant was recently made and handed over at the ECOWAS Commission in Abuja by the first secretary of the Japanese embassy in Nigeria, Mr. Maruo Shinichi.

The grant will be used for the electrification of the Level 2 Hospital in Guinea Bissau, which caters for ECOWAS personnel in ECOMIB Headquarters as well as the local people.

‘We appreciate japan’s generosity to ECOWAS,’ said the organization’s official, Abbas Ekwe.’ The money received will go a long way in implementing developmental  programmes in Guinea Bissau.’ he added. 

Maruo Shinich stressed the importance of deepening regional integration for effectively promoting African development.



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