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By Godfrey Olukya     26-3-2013

South Africa is to evacuate  it’s solders who were wounded while Seleka rebels were taking over power in Central African republic through Uganda.

On 24 March 2013, Seleka rebels seized power in Central Africa after over-running  Bangui, the country’s capital,an act which has been condemned by many countries including USA. Ousted president, Francois Bozize reportedly fled to a neighboring country.

Seleka’s attack on Bangui came a week after its leadership denounced the South African forces as mercenaries and demanded for their withdrawal.and indeed South African troops faced the brunt of the rebels by being killed and wounded.

Uganda air force spokesman, Lt Moses Omayo said that a team of about 20 medical staff from South Africa have flown to Entebbe international airport and are waiting for the wounded soldiers from Central African republic.

Omayo said,’We have allowed South Africa to use our airport .They are our partners and allowing them to use our airport to evacuate their wounded soldiers is a gesture of the good relationship between the two countries.’

He said that the South African troops had gone to Central African republic  observers of the peace agreement between government and Seleka rebels. He added on that  the wounded soldiers have not yet flown to Entebbe airport but they are expected any time.

Uganda government newspaper,’The New Vision ‘ today quoted South African president, Jacob Zuma confirming that 13 South African soldiers were killed in CAR as rebels seized the country’s capital, Bangui.

‘They fought a high-tempo battle for nine hours defending the South African military base until the bandits raised a white flag and asked for a ceasefire. Thirteen south African troops were killed, 27 wounded and one was unaccounted for. ‘New vision quoted Zuma.



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