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By Godfrey Olukya  20-3-2013

Officials in Nigeria have said today that over 120 people are feared to have drowned after the boat they were in capsized offshore of the southern part of the country.

According to officials, the accident occurred some 40 miles off the coast of the southern Nigerian city of Calabar. The boat reportedly capsized three days ago but only 2 survivors have so far been located.

The two survivors have been taken to hospital for treatment. Local fishermen have joined police and marine to look for survivors and the dead bodies.

Local media in Nigeria have quoted the spokesman of national emergency management agency, Yushau Shuaib saying that the boat that capsized was carrying at least 128 people.

Authorities have not yet established where the boat was coming from and where it was heading.

The cause of the accident has not yet been established. However, police said that it will interview the survivors after their recovering and inform the public about what brought about the accident.




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