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By Godfrey Olukya   14-3-2013

Over 150,000 people in Mozambique have been affected by floods in southern Mozambique which have forced them to leave their homes in search for safer ares in higher grounds.

The floods started hitting in January this year, killing some domestic animals and destroying crops, houses, schools and  health centers.

Among those who have come out the affected people is Canada. According to Canada’s minister of international cooperation, Julian Fantino Canada

is providing support for food and  nutrition, water and sanitation, health care, emergency shelter and protection.

Fantino said, ‘We are responding to the plight in Mozambique. We are ensuring that those affected by this crisis are receiving  immediate emergency support.’

The affected people in Mozambique have appreciated Canada’s generosity.

Savio Fembia said, ‘We thank Canada for coming to our rescue. The floods have made us helpless. Any assistance given is highly appreciated.’

Canada has promised to monitor the situation in flood hit areas of Mozambique to ensure that humanitarian needs are met and if required, provide more assistance.



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