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By Godfrey Olukya 11-3-2013

South Africans are concerned about the health of their former president and renown anti-apartheid hero, Nelson Mandela.

This follows news in various media houses in South Africa saying that the 94 year darling of South Africans has developed a memory problem in addition to old age complications.

The reports said, that after spending a night last Saturday in hospital for check-up and treatment, he was doing well but he has severe memory lapses.

They quoted his friend and lawyer, George Bizos, saying that although Mandela is aware of currents political events, he even forgets at
times that his fellow anti-apartheid activists are dead. They said that it takes time for him to remember that some of his colleagues had

‘We are concerned that Mandela’s health is not very sound. It is unfortunate that he has started losing his memory’ said Nichoals
Mbane’ a businessman in Johannesburg.’ But at 94 many people suffer from such. We pray that he recovers soon.’

Kate Chaka, a salesperson in cape town said, ‘He is our hero. Even at that age we believe in him and we pray to God that he makes him strong and let him live a little longer.’

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for over 20 years by apartheid leaders in South Africa after he championed the fight against their bad

When he was released after the collapse of Apartheid regime, he stood for presidency and won with big percentage. He however stunned his countrymen and most Africans when he insisted that he would rule for only one term and he kept his word.



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