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By Godfrey Olukya 9-3-2013

Supporters of Uhuru Kenyatta are celebrating in the streets of Kenya’s capital Nairobi and other towns over the winning of their candidate in the just concluded presidential elections.

The provisional elections results indicate that Kenyatta has won with 50.3 per cent.That result means that there will not be a re-run
because he at least got over 50 per cent as required by constitution.

Kenyatta’s arch -rival Raila Odinga came second with 43.28 percent of the vote. Some of his supporters are complaining that Kenyatta’s camp cheated during the elections

Although Kenyatta has a case at ICC of crime against humanity allegedly committed in 2007 Kenyan elections which turned bloody,he
went against odds to win comfortably

Over 12 million Kenyans braved the hot sun to cast their votes Some stayed in queues for over ten hours.At least three people died when they collapsed due to heat while waiting to cast their votes

On the day of voting,12 people including 4 policemen were killed in Mombasa region by a disgruntled tribe.

‘I am happy because my candidate has won.’ said Stella Kituyi, a business woman in Nairobi.’I have trust in him. Like his father, the
late Jomo Kenyatta he will lead Kenya to higher heights. ‘she added. ‘



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