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By Godfrey Olukya 19-2-2013

Muslims in Uganda and other countries have been advised not to engage in Valentine day activities because they are not part of Islam.

The advise has been given by the director of Sharia at Uganda Muslim supreme council, Sheikh Nuhu Muzata.

Valentine day falls on February 14th each year. On that day lovers exchange gifts, vows and commit themselves in their affairs.

However in Uganda and other African countries the events goes beyond mere commitments.Couples end up over-drinking and getting involved in satanic activities in the open.

The recent Valentine day, last week saw women getting over drunk and getting gang-raped in different Ugandan towns.

Muzata said that in Islam, the festivals are clearly defined and no additions or subtractions may be accepted.

He said, ‘It is haram (not allowed ). The love referred to on Valentine day is romantic love, outside the framework of marriage and so it is nonreligious.’

The activities related with the day, he observed, result into fornication and immorality.

He said, ‘Whoever celebrates Valentine day is agreeing with the most destructive rituals of disbelief because it goes back to the Roma times not the Islamic times. The day is for Christians not Muslims.’



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