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By Godfrey Olukya 19-2-2013

The European Union (EU) mission to support the training and reorganization of the Malian Armed Forces has been launched .

According to a statement issued by EU, an advance party was already sent to Bamako on 8th February and will start the expertise and advisory tasks in the coming days. Military instructors are planned to be deployed before the end of March.

The operation, launched in the framework of UN Security Council resolution 2085 (2012), is an integral part of the EU’s comprehensive approach to the situation in Mali and the Sahel. It is intended to help improve the military capacity of the Malian Armed Forces in order to enable them, under civilian authority, to restore the country’s territorial integrity.

EU High Representative Catherine Ashton said, ‘My thanks go to the contributing member states and partner countries, whose decisive action has allowed the deployment of the mission. EUTM Mali will support stability in Mali and the Sahel, both now and in the future. Respect for human rights and the protection of civilians will be an important part of the training programme.’

EUTM Mali will provide advice and military training to the Malian Armed Forces, including on command and control, logistics and human resources as well as on international humanitarian law, the protection of civilians and human rights. The mission will not be involved in combat operation



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