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By Godfrey Olukya 5-2-2013

A renown religious leader in Zimbabwe has been attacked by fellow religious leaders and some politicians for over zealously supporting incumbent president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe to the extent of saying that Zimbabweans should vote for President Mugabe in the forthcoming elections because he was anointed by God to lead the country to prosperity.

Reverend Joannes Nganga, who is also Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe president shocked many Zimbabweans when he said that president Mugabe was far ahead of all the other pretenders vying to lead the country and advised all people to vote for him in the forthcoming elections.

It is reported that when Reverand Nganga was addressing about 30, 000 Zion and Apostolic church members in Museva communal lands he said that there were a lot of special things about the President which should make Zimbabweans have faith in his continued leadership.

Nganga said, ‘We should not look at Mugabe’s age as a hindrance to lead this country.Some people want to question President Mugabe’s ability to rule this country but people should know that President Mugabe’s age is his master card to win the
elections. At his age he is now very wise and can ably lead this country.’

He went on to attack Zimbabwe’s opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai saying he had had already shown that he is much more interested in women rather than handling state affairs.

‘Tsvangirai is flirting with a string of women. ‘ Nganga said.

Reverend Paul Mbongi said that what Nganga said was blasphemous. ‘Surely what has Mugabe done for this country for which he should be referred to as anointed by God to lead Zimbabweans? Everything in the country is in a mess.He does not deserve
being re-elected.’

A local politician, Joachim Chibala said, ‘It is unfortunate that reverend Nganga is mixing religion with politics. It does not need a professor to tell the world that Mugabe is a total failure. The earlier he is replaced the better for Zimbabweans.’



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