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By Godfrey Olukya     30-1-2013

Canada has said that it is happy with what is taking place in Mali as far as bringing back sanity in the country is concerned,

Meanwhile, civilians in Mali are celebrating the capture of three major towns in northern Mali by French troops fighting alongside Mali army.

‘I can see peace returning soon in northern Mali’ said Malian engineer Seyi Kendu.’There is need to completely flush out the Islmists from northern Mali  in order to bring back sanity in the region.’ he added.

Canada’s foreign minister, John Baird has today issued a statement saying that his country  welcomes the adoption of a road map for transition by the Malian national assembly that took place today in Mali’s capital Bamako..
Baird said, ‘It is important for the country to work towards free and fair presidential and legislative elections. We are pleased that key actors in Mali appear committed to bridge a way forward that will restore democracy, constitutional order and territorial integrity to Mali.’

He said that Canada is committed to working with Mali and its neighbors to bring about the return of security and stability in the country.As he said that, French troops fighting in Mali were today taking over the third major city in the north  from the militants. The city taken over today id called Kidal. Other earlier taken over are  Gao and Timbuktu.

The spokesman for the Islamic Movement of Azawad, which recently said it had broken way from barbaric Islamists and taken control of Kidal said, ‘The French have in fact taken up positions. We are currently talking with them.’ 

The three main cities were last year taken over by Islamist extremists who imposed harsh laws against the people they found there.



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