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By Godfrey Olukya    23-1-2013
Tanzania has offered to contribute a battalion of soldiers to the African union neutral international force to keep peace in eastern democratic republic of Congo.

Eastern democratic republic of Congo became destabilized when M23 rebels launched attacks on government troop and captured some territory mid last year. Thousands of villagers fled their home to other parts of the country and others crossed boarder to Rwanda and Uganda where they are being hosted in camps.

UN and African countries especially those near Democratic republic of Congo got concerned about the deteriorating situation in the vast country and allied for peace talks and also proposed formation of a force under AU to maintain peace in the embattled country.

The facilitator of the peace talks between Democratic republic of Congo and M23 rebels also Uganda’s minister of defence, Crispus Kiyonga has told the press in Kampala that Tanzania’s contribution has been appreciated. He said that troops are expected to come from Southern African development community (SADC) member countries.

He said that the proposed AU neutral international force is expected to be with 4,000 troops and to be funded by UN. Already UN has 19,000 troops in Democratic republic of Congo but they have failed to make any impact leading to some African leaders referring to them as tourists.



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