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By Godfrey Olukya 18-1-2013

Congolese refugees in Uganda have appreciated a donation from USA meant to provide them with food.

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed,’ said Francois Tonge one of the Congolese refugees leaders. We thank USA for thing about us and providing us with food.’

USA has donated 31.6 billion Uganda shillings, (equivalent of about 12 million US dollars) to world food programme (WFP) so that it provides food to refugees in Uganda and food insecure Karamojongs in the north-eastern part of the country.

Ever since the M23 rebels started clashing with Democratic republic of Congo troops in eastern DRC last year, over 30,000 refugees have fled to Uganda. Most of them have been relocated to refuge camps where they have been living in deplorable conditions.

Apart from the Congolese refuges who have entered into Uganda during the past few months, Uganda is also a host to over 120,000 Kenya, Rwandan, Ethiopian and Eritrean refugees living in camps located in western Uganda.

‘We don’t have enough to eat.’ said Asa Lubinga, a Congolese refuge, mother of 4, living in one of the refuge camps.’Our children are always crying for food. The food given to us by some organizations is not enough for us.’ she added.

Lubinga and other refugees are happy about USA donation saying that it will put more food on their plates.

The funding, expected to provide food to over 330,000 people for three months has been directed through the US Agency for international development.

US mission in Uganda has confirmed information about the donation. US ambassador to Uganda, Scott DeList said, ‘The contribution emphasizes the USA’s commitment to address acute food and nutrition insecurity among refugees and extremely vulnerable households..’

The Karamojong community, who are traditionally cattle rustlers are always short of food and most of them live on hand outs. ‘We are trying to teach our people to grow food so that they stop living on donated food.’ said a Karamojong leader Edom Okugle.

Meanwhile WFP country director, Sory Ouane said that every day more Congolese refugees arrive into Uganda making it necessary for them to provide more food. He said, ‘Each day more refugees arrive in Uganda. Therefore, the donation will be helpful in meeting the needs of the refugees who are in desperate need of support.’



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