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By Godfrey Olukya   7-1-2012

With the help of American Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), security agencies  in South Sudan have arrested suspects  connected with the murder of journalist Isaiah Abraham, who was killed at his house in Juba in December.

According to south Sudan  Information minister Marial Benjamin, several suspects have been arrested and more are being hunted. He however did not give the number of the suspects so far arrested.

Marial said,’The investigations are proceeding with the support of the American Federal Bureau of Investigations. There is the police, national security is represented, the military intelligence is represented, there is a representation also from the judiciary which is the chair of the whole investigating team.’

He hailed FBI for helping in the hunting of the suspects. He said, ‘We are working with  FBI whose technical ability has helped a lot in the investigations. The investigation is continuing. Although some suspects have been arrested, police is continuing to investigate.’

The thorough investigation into Isaiah’s murder was ordered by south Sudan president Salva Kiir. A free lance journalist who worked for several newspapers, he also contributed to websites.




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