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By Godfrey Olukya   31-12-2012

Former UN secretary general, currently the chairman of the African Union Panel of Eminent Personalities and also chief mediator of Kenya political wrangles,Kofi Annan has called for a peaceful handover of power after the next general election soon to be held in  Kenya.

On March 4th , 2013 there will be general elections in Kenya where a new president and members of parliament will be elected.

Annan said in a statement that after the forthcoming elections the outgoing president should adhere to the constitution of Kenya and peacefully hand over power to the elected president.

He said that he wished that the elections in Kenya will be free and fair without chaos like the last presidential elections where over one thousand people were killed during post-elections violence.

He also called upon the leaders who will be elected into power  to safeguard the gains made under the past regimes and also continue respecting the constitution.

Annan said,’Those elected to leadership positions should uphold the Constitution and build strong national institutions to underpin democracy and further progress.’

He said that he is aware that Kenyans want clean leadership which will ensure that they live in peace and stability and also  would enforce the rule of law without fear or favour.

He added that AU supports Kenyans in their endeavor to get good leadership which will steer it to development.



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