Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
By Godfrey Olukya  20-2012

South Sudan has set up special courts to handle police personnel who will misbehave during the Christmas period.

While addressing journalists in Juba on Wednesday, Police spokesperson Col James Monday Enoka said the emergency courts are located in all ten states to try police personnel who will go against the Police code of conduct.

Enoka said,’We will not accept misbehavior of police officers during the festive season.  Drunkenness in uniform will be considered serious misconduct. ‘

He said that all policemen are instructed that any use of force will be strictly proportional and according to the provisional court of criminal procedures and police code of conduct.

‘Whoever misbehaves will be dealt with. There are emergency courts established in Buluk Police grounds and in the 10 states to deal with violations and contraventions.’

He  also assured citizens throughout the country of adequate security during the festive season.

Over two thousand security personnel will be deployed on the streets of Juba in an effort to maintain security in the city.

All this comes at  time when some civilians have been complaining about brutality of security agencies in the country.



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