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By Sheikh Moussa Drammeh 12/17/2012

All man-killing weapons must be eliminated worldwide.

The weapons that the critics want ban here in the United States from civilian hands must also be banned from military use, period. We have to end the culture of killing, no matter who we deal with.

We have to use our brilliantly brave military personnel to build lives everywhere not destroy them. Lives are lives.

Science and technology must afford us a better environment, better health, better economic benefits and a universal education in all fields for all people.

Let’s make heroes out of peace-builders not man-killing inventors and socially irresponsible entrepreneurs.

All the brain power and resources spent on developing the latest technical killing machines need now be diverted to creating green environments, clean water and organic foods.

The most stupid thinking has been to build arms that would be used on or sold to others for monetary gains by the developed nations, because whatever goes around comes right back home.

We should only use nuclear technology for energy, while chemical & biological agents are eradicated. The air, water and lands must not be transferred to our children polluted.

We can do it. We must do it. Together!


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