Tue. May 21st, 2024

By Sheikh Moussa Drammeh

In the midst of dealing with this unprecedented national tragedy of the senseless Newtown, Connecticut elementary school shootings, and the new low it has brought to mass shootings, we are collectively scrambling for answers, solutions and preventions to such calamity.

The ugliness of these recent mass public massacres has emboldened us all to attach all that we deemed partially responsible for them. And I’m sure some stiffer gun law legislatures will be enacted after this tragedy despite NRA’s mobilization of its vast political career casualty venoms.

While we are at it though, let us not forget these senseless shootings may be rare in some communities, but they are collectively a daily reality in the minority neighborhoods in these United States, and deserves the same boldness and politically incorrect attacks.

Let us all seek total societal violence elimination in all communities, not just when mentally-ill members of our society randomly act violently.

No doubt, we will get through this, but we should come away with solutions to gun violence and mental health problem in the United States.


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