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By Godfrey Olukya   3-12-2012

The Libyan government has pledged to continue supporting the Muslim community in Uganda and Africa at large.

The pledge was made by the director of world Islamic call society (WICS),
Muhammad Shater while on visit to Uganda.

He said that Libya’s support will be channeled through WICS.

WICS is a charity organization which raises its resources from contributions from Libyans. It builds mosques, provides humanitarian relief and gives free university education to the poor.

In the reign of  late Muammar Gaddafi, Libya helped many African countries to establish poverty fighting institutions. Apart from establishing banks it also managed several businesses and non-government organizations.

During the war that overthrew Gaddafi most of the Libyan establishments in Africa collapsed after UN instructing that all his assets be frozen. A few have started operating after the new Libyan government gave them a go ahead.

Shater said, ‘Libyans under WICS are committed to supporting others for the sake of Allah. We purely ensure that all brothers and sisters in this fraternity are equal.’

He advised Muslims the world over to work together to find a solution to
the threat to the Islamic identity in the world.



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