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By Godfrey Olukya    1-12-2012

The Muslim community on Buvuma island located in the second biggest fresh water lake in the world,Lake Vitoria, have appealed to well wishers allover the world to come to their aid by providing them money to construct toilets.

Lake Victoria is shared by three countries, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Buvuma island is the second biggest island in the lake.

The Imam of Buvuma mosque, Sheikh Fazli Njuba said, ‘Ours is the main mosque on the island. It heads other 58 smaller mosques in the island. It is a shame that we do not have toilets.’

He said that construction of latrines at the mosque will not only help people who go to the mosque, but the whole community living nearby.

He said,’The toilets, if constructed, will serve the entire parish. We need those facilities to save the worshipers from going to bushes to ease themselves.

He also decried the poor state of the mosque, saying that whenever it rains the building floods and prayers can not take place.



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