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By Godfrey Olukya    1-12-2012

Muslims have been advised to always pray a night.

According to one of the leading east African Muslim cleric, Sheikh Nuuhu Muzata, Muslims allover the world should be keen on offering Sunnah (prayers at night) because it was the practice of prophet Muhammad

He said that Allah is impressed by the person who fore goes his sleep and stays away from his wife in order to pray.

He said, ‘During the night, Allah answers ones’ prayers very fast  because that person has sacrificed  sleep to worship.

He said that the angels also pray for that person and take their message straight to Allah.

He therefore called upon all Muslims to take Sunnah seriously. He attacked Muslims who do not pray and those who get involved
in bad acts like gambling and those who do not want to pay debts  but boast around that they are Muslims.

He said, ‘We should always endeavor to be honest and live according to what the Koran tells us are true Muslims’.



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