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By Godfrey Olukya 28-11-2012

A Chinese national, who came as an investor in Uganda has been arrested by police for alegedly defiling eight under age girls.

According to Uganda police commissioner, Beat Chelimo, the suspect has been identified as Li Weng. He said that Weng faces two counts of aggravated defilement and human trafficking. He faces life imprisonment if medical examination report show that he infected the girls he defiled with HIV-AIDS.

Weng was arrested after a girl accused him of sexual harassment at his home in the outskirts of Kampala. When police went to arrest him it discovered that there were other under age girls in his home who also claimed that he had slept with them.

Chelimo said that Weng has so far refused to cooperate with police. He has declined to hand over his passport which would help with giving his details. He said ,’All the eight girls he is alleged to have defiled are age. The oldest is 15 yrs old while the youngest is 10 years old.

As he was being arrested some residents wanted to lynch him but police intervened.


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