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By Godfrey Olukya 16-11-2012

The government of German has come to the assistance of some of the over 600,000 floods victims in Chad.

Over 90,000 houses were reportedly destroyed by the floods leaving the occupants homeless. The floods are said to be the worst in the last 30 yrs.

Apart from destroying houses, 255,720 hectares of food crops were also destroyed by the floods. Most of the domestic animals were also killed by the floods.

According to the office of the coordinator of humanitarian affairs, (OCHA) 20 people died due to the floods.

The German government has contributed 500,000 euros assist about 40,000 flood-affected persons in Southern and Western Chad.

The fundsare to help floods victims in the regions of Moyen Chari and Salamat in the South, Hadjer Lamis and the area of Walia around the capital, N’Djamena.

The funds received from Germany will specifically go towards providing shelter, non-food items and health assistance to the 30,000 extremely
vulnerable persons who have been identified by Internationalorganization of migration. They include women, children, persons with special medical needs and single headed families.

The funding will also be used to support government institutions and national humanitarian actors in developing their capacities to better respond to the cyclically reoccurring natural disasters.

The migration organization is currently assisting the Chadian government to transport flood victims from four flood-affected areas of Walia, Tukra A, Tukra B and Farsha around the capital to safe areas where the government has set up a temporary resettlement site.



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