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By Godfrey Olukya   14-11-2012   

The world bank has issued a statement about the rampant corruption in Uganda which has led to some donor countries withdrawing aid to the third world country.

It has also said that it is to review its aid .

The statement said, ‘The World Bank Group is concerned about recent allegations of misuse of public funds in Uganda and is calling for remedial action.‘

It added that the World Bank Group condemns all acts of corruption for depriving countries of the means to achieve better development outcomes. 

It observed that he recent allegations indicate that the overall fiduciary environment in Uganda needs to be strengthened to ensure better management of public resources. The World Bank will continue to work with the Government of Uganda and other development partners to help the country deliver on its national policy of “zero” tolerance for corruption. 

‘In light of these recent events, the World Bank Group is reviewing its development assistance to Uganda while also strengthening its own measures to ensure that its funds are used for their intended purposes.’
the statement concluded.



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