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By Godfrey Olukya 12-11-2012

Several Non-governmental organizations(NGO) in Uganda have today closed offices and dedicated their business to mourning for the nation over the continued theft of public funds especially among top government officials.

Religious leaders in the country have also issued a statement urging the government to step up efforts to fight corruption.

Rampant corruption in Uganda has led to crippling in several social sectors especially education and social services. Some donor countries including Norway, Ireland, and Britain have stopped sending aid to Uganda after discovering that most of the money they have been sending there is misappropriated by government officials.

Workers in the NGOs,wearing black clothes have walked on the streets of Uganda’s capital Kampala chanting words condemning theft in public offices. They carried placards reading’ To hell with corrupt officials, ‘Government should fight corruption’ and ‘Why are corrupt officials protected by government?’

Giving a statement during the demonstration, the chairperson of Action Aid international board of trustees, Irene Ovonji Odida said, ‘We condemn the double standards exhibited while handling corruption cases. We call on on government to be tight on corruption.’

In a related development, religious leaders in the country, under their umbrella body, Inter Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) are demanding that donors should start channeling funds and aid directly to beneficiaries instead of halting extending help.

Reading a joint statement at a press conference in Kampala today, the acting chairman of the council, Sheik Muhammad Ali Waiswa said, ‘The decision by donors partners of stopping to send aid, will cause great negative impact to local Ugandans.We request that they review their decision.’

Godfrey Lubwama from the Orthodox Church stated that those implicated in corruption scandals can be entertained in holy temples for cleansing but their offertory will be judged by God.



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