Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024


By Gpdfrey Olukya

Muslim students from various universities in east Africa have donated items to Somali refugees in Nakivale refugee camp.

Nakivale refugee camp, located at Rwanda -Uganda boarder has over 1500 Somali refugees. Some of the refugees have stayed in that camp for over ten years.

Apart from Somali, there are also refugees from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and Eritrea. They all live in grass thatched huts and
live on hand outs from local and international organizations.

Among the items donated were clothes, soap and exercise books. The items were handed to over to the refugees yesterday.

The chairman of East Africa Muslim students, Abby Twino said that the items donated were collected from students and universities workers.

Twino said, ‘Our religion tells us to always help the needy. This is part of our outreach programme which aims at interacting with prisoners and patients, helping the needy as well as giving career guidance and counseling to refugee students.

‘Thank you for thinking about us. That is a good gesture. We now know that there are people outside here who think abut us.’ said one of the
Somali elders in the camp, Ali Shafiq.



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