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By Godfrey Olukya 8-11-2012

Three Burkina Faso nationals, suspected to be dealing in fake money have been arrested in Ghana.

According to police in Ghana, the men were arrested at Tudu near Accra city when they attempted to trade with the money. Among the arrested
are a father and a son. They were found with big number of fake Ghana money locally called Cedi.

Ghana’s police public relations officer, Freeman Tettteh said, ‘We arrested them with big quantities of fake Cedi. They were carrying it in a black bag. They had Ghana fake Cedi in denominations of 50.20, and 10.’

He identified the suspects as Nikeiema Isaka, 59, a driver, his son Nikeiema Mohammed, 20, and Sawarougo Kassim 18.

The arrests of the men followed a scuffle with a businessman whom they had given the money. On realizing that the money was fake, the businessman sounded an alarm and they were arrested.

They were handed to police. Police said it will take them to court soon to be charged for being in possession of fake money.



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