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By Godfrey Olukya 7-11-2012


News about Obama’s victory in the just concluded presidential elections in USA has sparked of celebrations by his supporters in different African countries.

In Tanzania’s capital, Dar-es-Salem, a group of his supporters celebrated in a bar by starting drinking beer at 10:00am which is rare in that country.

‘We are drinking early in the morning because we are happy about Obama’s victory in yesterday’s elections.’ said one of them Kenneth Kisanga.

In Nigeria, his supporters reportedly held parties at different venues while singing songs praising him. Similar celebrations have been reported in other parts of Africa.

But, it seems the biggest bash was in his father’s ancestral village, Kagelo, located 350 kms south of Kenya’s capital Nairobi. At his grandmother’s home, hundreds of people who had spent the night watching elections news on television, sang and danced while drinking and eating roasted meat.

People in the area reportedly love Obama because he has done a lot in improving their lives. He has extended electricity to the area among other developments.

90 yr old Sarah Obama said, ‘We thank God for making him win the elections. He loves all the people, that is why he has won. We thank God for the victory.’

Kenya’s president, Mwai Kibaki has already sent a congratulatory message to Obama.
In his message president Kibaki said the re-election was a re-affirmation of the confidence the American people have in president Obama’s leadership skills.



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