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By Godfrey Olukya 6-11-2012

Uganda Wild-life authority has resolved to kill all wild animals in national parks suspected to be carrying deadly Marburg and Ebola viruses.

Mid this year, there was  an outbreak of Ebola in the country in which 14  people died. A few weeks ago, an outbreak of Marburg occurred and so far it has claimed 10 lives.

Uganda’s minister of Tourism, Maria Mutagamba said that her ministry is working with the ministry of health to carry out research and identify animals carrying the viruses so that they adopt a preventive measure.

Ebola and Marburg diseases are believed to originate from wild animals. Unfortunately some people in Uganda eat wild animals and hence get infected with the deadly diseases.

Mutagamba said, ‘We are looking at several ways of fighting the deadly diseases. Fencing the game parks so that local people do not access them would be the best option but it is very expensive. We shall eliminate animals suspected to be carrying viruses of Ebola and Marburg.

She said that because of Ebola and Marburg disses, most foreign cancelled their trips  to Uganda which has led to loss of income
to tourism industry.

A medical expert, Dr Asuman Lukwago said that suspected case of Marburg has been found in monkeys, chimpanzees and bats. He said when some people poach wild animals in game parks, they end up killing and eating those infested with deadly virus and they also get infected.



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