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By Godfrey Olukya 23-10-2012

Less than one month after Uganda was declared free of deadly Ebola disease which claimed over 20 lives, another deadly disease called Marburg virus has hit the country killing 5 people and leaving over thirty being monitored.

The Marburg virus is a severe and highly contagious disease in form of a hemorrhagic fever caused by a virus as deadly as Ebola.

Once a human being is infected with Marburg disease, he can pass the virus to another person through body fluids mostly commonly blood, faeces, saliva and vomit.Among the symptoms of the disease are fever, headache, vomiting, dizziness and convulsion.

The disease has so far killed 5 people in Kabale district 400 kms west of the country’s capital Kampala. Area member of parliament David Bahati has announced the outbreak of Marburg saying that after the death of 5 people government should do all possible to stop more deaths.

Bahati said, ‘According to a medical report from the district health officers, 5 people have died from the disease. Uganda Virus Research Institute carried out tests on the dead and discovered that they died from the disease.’

He says the National observation Team from Kampala has been dispatched to the region to monitor the situation to ensure that there is no further spread and deaths.

Among the dead is Turyahikayo Boaz, a 38 years old lecturer at Uganda Christian University.

Thirty-five people suspected to have had contacts with the deceased people are currently being monitored by a team from ministry of health and World Health Organization.

Authorities in Kabale district have fears that the disease will affect tourism in the area. Every year thousands of foreign tourists flock to
Kabale to watch mountain gorillas.

The reason why this epidemic claimed five lives is that family members thought they were being bewitched.



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